Ethics of right thinking- ‘GERMANY VERSION’. Thanks Petra Pruter

Schätze und achte die Macht des Wortes (Rede); missbrauche nie diese Macht  durch fluchen, Gemeinheit, Lüge und Täuschung, Fälschung einer Aussage eines anderen oder der Zerstörung des Rufes anderer.   Bemühen wir uns so zu regieren, um Stimmungen und Gewohnheiten von Frieden und Glück in Ihrem eigenen Geist zu schaffen und diesen Frieden und Glück in Form von ebenso fröhlichen und konstruktiven Gedanken, sowie durch...

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Win online voting competitions.It’s easy try me !

For the past two years I managed to win three online voting competitions!!! How could people vote for a single person all the time??? Let me remind you about them first😊 (1) The African youth union 4th annual summit full sponsored trip to Kampala-Uganda by more than 88% of votes as a first continental winner (2) The COP IN MY CITY climate change photo contest...

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Ethics of right thinking. Must Read!!!

Appreciate and respect the Power of the Word (speech); never misuse this power by swearing, vulgarity, lying and deceit, falsifying another’s statement, or destroying the reputation of others.   Strive to govern moods and habits so as to create peace and happiness within your own mind and to share that peace and happiness with others through happy, constructive thoughts, through little acts of generosity and...

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CALL FOR SUBMISSION! International journal of epidemiology photo essay competition (School of medicine)

International Journal of Epidemiology Photo Essay Competition The International Journal of Epidemiology is holding a competition for the best photo essay to encourage researchers to use this medium to present a different side of their work. Topic “Health and Well-being” Participants are encouraged to interpret the theme broadly to include the wider political, social and environmental determinants of health. Organizer The International Journal of Epidemiology...

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THUMBS UP!!! ilibidi nisome hii kwa wanafunzi wa Pugu sekondari siku nilipowatembelea kuongea nao juu ya maisha baada ya shule.

Prof. Abletor Sedofia from University of Ghana has this to say to us: “Academic excellence is overrated! I said it. Being top of your class does not necessarily guarantee that you will be at the top of life. You could graduate as the best student in Finance but it doesn’t mean you will make more money than everybody else. The best graduating Law student does...

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