Hi, Thanks for checking in. My name is Julius. I am a Self-development Trainer. I enjoy seeing others succeed through the words of my mouth. This blog serves as a diary for my years in public service. Contact me today, and let's discuss how we can build a better world! I also write, full time! Visit my writing blog at freelancersbureau.com

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Work For Someone Who Challenges Your Power

Work for someone who challenges your power

Today, work for someone who challenges your powers… Doing that you’ll learn more in life than four years in college. But be careful, do not do this with a bad eye. Today, keep in mind not every truth is to be spoken. If someone quarrels you try to keep quiet. You’ll avoid destruction and sometimes …

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You Can’t Cheer Up Everyone

You Can't Cheer Up Everyone

Today, you can’t cheer up everyone… Know your limitations, otherwise, people will lose interest in you. Use the rule of 60/40, listen 60% of the time when you meet people and speak only 40%, remember every day and everyone we meet has a new thing to teach us and by this, you will have a …

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