Partner Choice-Let’s Touch The Other Side

Partner choice

Partner choice…

Choose wisely as it is the most important decision in your lifetime. Marriage will offer 90% of all your support, happiness, and fulfillment. Move slowly. Let no one push you into an uncomfortable decision that you will regret for the rest of your life.

learn to value your spouse’s laugh…

Keep his/her picture close by your working desk. This will give you inspiration and pleasant thoughts throughout the day! Today, learn to become your spouse’s number one supporter. You need to be the one who is always there supporting and fueling hopes and dreams. The two of you must learn to develop together. You must learn how to march forward confidently through the world as an army of two!

If you’re married…

Have your partner’s initials and your own engraved on the inside of your wedding bands, along with your date of marriage. This is useful not only in case the rings are lost, but to provide you both with personalized keepsakes that may be passed down to successive generations.

If you happen to fight…

Never do it in front of your children, remember; Things are always created twice, and the mental creation always precedes the physical creation. Your kids’ mind is like a garden, what you sow in them, so, shall they reap. Once you cultivate and nurture them, they will blossom beyond your wildest expectations. But if you let violence and negative influences take over their minds, they will never reach their potentials.

Maintain your family…

Family is very important for a happy existence, work hard to maintain your family, buy your kids small gifts of books and other items you believe they might enjoy. Never overlook the weakness of your spouse, if you look for a weakness, you will surely find one. Be mature enough to ignore his/her petty failings and learn to see the good that each of you inherently possesses, laugh to each other for you to grow stronger and richer.


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