Rush for Things that Once Lost can’t be Regained


Rush for things that once lost can’t be regained…

Leave aside those you can retain. Do not rush for them, especially if they aren’t important at this time. From today, don’t ever get out of your bed without visualizing your day. List the accomplishments you need to make. Learn to walk with a set of cards in your wallet, whenever a new inspiration/smart idea comes, note it on a card, by the time you go to bed tonight, you’ll have a list of excellent ideas. Remember, like Hook’s law, once a human mind is stretched with a new idea it’ll never regain its original dimensions.

Learn to set aside every Sunday evening to plan your…

Week, read books, listen to inspirational audios and slow music, simply relax. If you’re strongly disciplined to this habit, you’ll stay focused and motivated in the coming week. Today, observe how you communicate to others, but more importantly how you communicate to yourself, what you focus is what you get, if you look for positives it’s what you’ll get. Whatever task you put your hands forth, do it because you love to or for the benefit of others, never do it for money or recognition, these are things that will automatically follow you, they’ll have no choice other than rolling on your feet.

On your weekends…

Learn to light a candle beside you as you read, this has positive waves in your psychology and the joyous atmosphere that you’ll feel is immense. Understand that you’ll never make it to new heights if you never set time to meditate, take 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening to meditate, to simply be, your mind shouldn’t be noisy, don’t allow a hundred ideas to run in your mind at the same time, like unchained monkey. It’ll tire you.

Learn to stay still…

In quietness, you can achieve whatever goals you set. Learn to be humble as this will open many closed doors ahead and even those you never know you could open. Learn to appreciate anyone around you, some people come in our lives to hold our hands towards our destinations. Be a fair and an understanding person.

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