You Wish To Have More Time?

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You wish to have more time…

But you only have 24 hours, i.e. 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds. You can never manage this time, but you can manage life events relating to time. You can control the sails, not the winds! Know what to do, and at what time. Spare more time in your most productive activities. Be on time, this will set you free from stress. Much like money, time is precious and budgeted, so, get more things done before the sunset.

Learn to appreciate what you have…

Appreciate your family, relatives, and friends. Sometimes you’ll never appreciate what you have till you lose it. Make a phone call to someone you haven’t contacted for years, you’ll feel the inner peace. Learn to say “no” or “yes”. No intermediate answer! It’s whether you know or you don’t know. No such thing intermediate. By this, you’ll save time, and people will trust you.

When you’re to call someone…

Never point a finger on them. When greeting someone, take your hands off the pocket, some people may label you disrespectful even though it’s opposite. From today, start doing some workouts, you’ll have a good look and stay healthy. Unless there are culture ties, learn to hug people, this has the psychological effect of relieving stress. If you’re the first-born/a parent then teach your first-born to be responsible, for he/she is the school to affect the direction which other siblings will take. Do not mess up with life.

Do not reason everything…

Some things you just can’t reason to reach a conclusion, they’ll unbalance your world. Never be a wordy person, prove yourself in application more than others. Kill out your pride over money/job title, remember it will last longer as the money/job is present. Shape your lifestyle, love your wife, beautify everything in your life, seek to live a long life and of serving to the people, when difficulties slap your face do not fear like those who weep, those are hard kicks on your pants to move forward!

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