Work For Someone Who Challenges Your Power

Work for someone who challenges your power

Today, work for someone who challenges your powers…

Doing that you’ll learn more in life than four years in college. But be careful, do not do this with a bad eye. Today, keep in mind not every truth is to be spoken. If someone quarrels you try to keep quiet. You’ll avoid destruction and sometimes keeping quite is wisdom. If you make others angry, do not ask for forgiveness instantly, leave them for sometime, bring them some water they’ll feel relaxed, then you ask for it.

Avoid the sin you mostly love to do…

You’ll feel hurt and that’s a true sacrifice. Reconcile with the creator and ask for forgiveness for what others do not know about you. Today, avoid negative thoughts, they might come, try to use the rubber band method, keep the rubber band around your hand, if a negative thought comes, slap it to your skin. The pain you feel, you’ll associate it with the negative thoughts, by doing so, you’ll change into a positive mindset. If something somewhere is wrong and you’re not sure who caused then do not mention them, avoid being specific in such a situation, never sacrifice others for your own importance.

Start sleeping 8 hours a day…

It’s the quality not the quantity which is needed. Half an hour after going to bed maintain a blank mind, do not think about anything, by this you’ll achieve a quality sleeping time. When you wake up, get your mirror and smile on it, get outside and watch sunrise once a week you’ll feel afresh and more creative. Never turn on your TV for 24 hours, be specific, do not watch whatever comes, at this age, you can choose watching news/ download 45 minutes clips of your interest.

Today, wear to reflect your profession…

Wear what is supposed to and not what you love. If someone does a mistake, call them aside and correct them, they’ll feel free to share their troubles later. Everybody has a weakness, never use someone’s weakness to attack him even if it’s true. This is the worst psychological punishment you can give. Do not do different conversation with different people at the same time, finish one, then go to the other, this will make you look a more integrated entity. Learn to mind your own business, work not to please/satisfy anyone, rather work to enjoy and love what you do. 


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