Don’t Judge Every Situation

Don't judge every situation

Do not judge every situation…

Always know, it’s happened because the whole universe at that time is as it should be! Respect the power of your speech, do not lie, falsify the statements of others, or say hurtful things to others. Do not either speak with hate or falsehood to build your own audience. Every word from your mouth should come out in a refined and dignified way.

Call people by their names…

There is a positive psychology behind. Develop clean and tidy habits. Be neat in your dressing, and clean in mind. This will give you balance and confidence. Avoid showiness in dress, think first before speaking to others so as to leave a nice impression. Govern moods and anger before a speech. If somebody insults you, others may feel the state of you being insulted, but remember it’s their choice. You are an infinite choice maker!

You can be pleased…

But it’s not necessary you feel the state of being pleased. Take care of your thoughts. Make sure they are positive because it’s the reflection of what is in your heart. And what you think, shall you become! What you do in summary tells other people to which plane of thinking your mind is tuned. Speak only whenever necessary. By this, your inner peace and consciousness will radiate to others.

Learn to recognize and appreciate the efforts of others…

Learn to say thank you, learn to say I’m sorry. This determines how others will treat you. Do not see a defect in whatever you do! What others can do, you can do, even better. But be careful, never have a know-it-all attitude. Remember, pride comes before a fall. So, avoid pride. Say/do what’s supposed to say/do at right time. It’s self-discipline that separates us. It’s not your talent, formal education, or intellectual ability, but it’s self-discipline that takes others to new heights, and leave others in the mire of mediocrity. Without self-discipline, even the faintest dream will be impossible.

Let others finish their statements…

Do not interrupt, do not either look down upon their thoughts and when they speak look straight to their eyes. Do not cut their speech for your own importance, do not negate what they say, do not either negate what you say. By doing so, you’ll attain self-balance.

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