Be Systematic in Whatever You Do

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Be systematic in whatever you do…

Learn to finish things you’ve started. Never leave them half-done as this will create turbulence in your thoughts. If you give a promise, fulfill it, don’t make empty promises. Never be late for an appointment, by doing so, people will trust you. If you think you can’t make it at that time ask for postponement earlier, and if you’re late ask for forgiveness.

Tell nothing but the truth…

Because your sins will always follow you. Be honest, do things step by step. Making a mistake might be allowed but avoid that! Avoid doing the same mistake several times because that mistake will always find you out. There will probably no time to repeat that mistake. Remember, some mistakes we do once in life can change us for bad for the rest of our lives.

Take 30 minutes in the evening to spend time with nature…

Alone and quite. Be it at the beach or river edges. See the sun as it sets, or smell the flower scent, visualize your past and see what is at present that you can do to change your future. Ask your self who you really want to be in your life. In that quietness, you’ll provide gaps in your thoughts and gain a perfect balance. If you visit someone, bring them a gift. A gift can be a flower or even a prayer. However small it is, it tends to defect back to us!

We receive when we give…

See the humanity in others! Going to church/mosque only, might not necessarily make you a good person, we must learn to see the same spirits in different bodies. Help those in need. Dodging that, you might end up losing more than what they need. Greet everyone you meet regardless of their status! In life, anyone can come up anytime. If you’re walking down the stairs make sure you greet the one coming up the stairs. It’s not a must but you’ll simply be a fair person at no cost.

If you greet somebody and shake hands…

Hold a bit tight their hands, it has a psychological effect. When you go bathing, sing in the bathroom you will feel afresh. Have a positive attitude in whatever you put your hands forth because our thoughts are the threads of nets we throw around our necks, whatever you do anticipate for a positive outcome.

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