You Can’t Cheer Up Everyone

You Can't Cheer Up Everyone

Today, you can’t cheer up everyone…

Know your limitations, otherwise, people will lose interest in you. Use the rule of 60/40, listen 60% of the time when you meet people and speak only 40%, remember every day and everyone we meet has a new thing to teach us and by this, you will have a conscious mindset which is of pure wisdom.

Accept what life offers…

Learn to associate only with positive and focused people. Never waste your valuable time and energy to people with complaining and uninspiring attitudes. You’re what your friends are, and by doing this you’ll have a company of committed people who live up to their fullest. Today if someone talks to you from far while you’re walking, try to slow down, if you’re gentle enough stop and listen them.

When you meet people, put a smile… 

Always look welcoming. Being fair is costless. Whenever you enter somebody’s office/home never make noisy in opening and closing their doors, you’ll look more integrated. Today if you greet people and they don’t reply, don’t take it personally, remember not always life offers positives to them. If you get hungry this afternoon, don’t eat immediately, wait for 30 minutes, this will stretch your willpower muscles and you’ll always be a disciplined person.

If you successfully accomplish anything…

Be it securing a new job, don’t lose interest in it earlier. Never leave any opportunity underutilized, you never know what was it meant for. Do not either compare your success to others this will hurt you more, instead, dig and follow your path. Don’t be guided by age, what you thought you can accomplish in your 40’s accomplish it now don’t be guided by systems around you.

Imagine this…

We are on a minor planet, the sun, moon and thousands of galaxies around us, leaving alone the oceans and all other mysterious creations, are your problems really significant, we don’t live twice here; why not devote your life to have a wonderful experience on earth and leave a legacy?

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