5 Disadvantages of Free Blogs You Must Know

5 Disadvantages of Free Blogs You Must Know
04 Sep 2017

In this post, I have decided to put down the five disadvantages of free blogs that most people don't know and probably most folks out there won't tell you. One may ask, why focusing on disadvantages? Okay, this prepares well your mind so that if you decide to go for free blogs you won't lament someone for not telling you this before.There are many reasons why you need a blog, I just highlighted 8 of them here in case you missed that post. Back to the topic, if you need to start your online career in free platforms, there are tons of disadvantages but here are the 5 disadvantages you must endure;


If you think the companies allowing you to create a blog on their blogging platforms for free do so because they love you, you’re wrong. They only do so to make money off of you. That’s why they put up adverts on your blog and ask you to pay to enjoy upgrades. Go for a self-hosted blog so you won’t be a wheel in a car working to make another company rich.


You’re not allowed to do affiliate marketing on free blogs. Some of them further prohibit Google Adsense and other cool ways to make money blogging. That’s not how to start a blog rightly.


You can’t use any of the thousands of amazing plugins and themes available to a self-hosted blog. After making a blog, plugins help you extend the functionality of the blog, the same way apps extend the functionality of a phone. Imagine having a phone without being able to install and use apps. Is it cool to live in a house you’re prohibited from painting and designing? If it’s not, then it sucks to have a blog without being able to use a theme on it.


You can’t use a custom email like robert@amazing.com. That’s not cool. You deserve something better.


On free blogging platforms, your blog can be deleted at any time if the company’s server mistakes your blog for a spam, or if you accidentally violate their rules. And guess what – you have no remedy if that happens.

These are the five disadvantages I wanted to share with you today! There are tons of them as I said. Unlike in self-hosted blogs like mine My Writers Bureau there are no such limitations. So, what is my advice? Go for self-hosted blogs since you are smart and you deserve something smart. The choice is yours!


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