7 Article Marketing Tips to Double Your Sales

7 Article Marketing Tips to Double Your Sales
25 Aug 2017
Article marketing isn't a new concept. It's when a business hires writers to write short articles for publication either in print or online to promote their business. And once a writer leaves his/her contact readers get in touch with him/her which translates to more earning.
Some sites allow writers to do posting freely. The site owner collects revenue by placing adverts and as the site receives more visitors both site owner and writers benefit. So, it's a win-win game. In fact article marketing can do wonders in your business.
In this article I share to you seven article marketing tips to help you out:


(1) Write what's relevant:

If you are confident that the product you want to write about is useful, do some deep research and end your article with a link to your site. And if it's a guest post, make sure it's relevant to your host's topics.


(2) Write timely and newsworthy articles:

This proves to your audience that you are actually in touch to what's happening in the world. The best way is to sign up with a site that will keep you updated with tips on the topic of your interest.


(3) Write many articles:

Some write and post a single article and that's all. There could be updated information that you are supposed to share to your audience.


(4) Write viral articles:

This simply means, you write quality articles to allow shares from your readers. You can even receive requests from others to publish your articles in their sites under your name. This is the added revenue.


(5) Write short and simple articles:

Make your articles short, the aim is not to bore a reader. Make them simple too for readers to understand what you want to communicate to them.


(6) Write a good title:

Once readers find your title interesting, they won't resist reading your article and clicking the links in it to buy something. But this also means increasing traffic.


(7) Compile your articles:

Let's say you have written ten or more articles on the same topic, put them together in what's called an e-book and offer it to your readers for free. That way you will keep your readers close.
By these article marketing tips, it won't take long for you to get lots of hits. What do you think about the tips l shared above? Let's keep the discussion on in the comments below.
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