2017 Wakley Prize Essay competition: clinical truths

2017 Wakley Prize Essay competition: clinical truths
24 Jul 2017

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2017 Wakley Prize Essay competition: clinical truths

"It seemed to illustrate the theory of medicine, yet it made no improvement in the practice”.1, 2 This 17th-century criticism of William Harvey's theory of the circulation of the blood now seems somewhat premature—nevertheless, it contains an important point that has endured through the 360 years since Harvey's death. While The Lancet publishes new advances in medical science every week, how does this affect the practice of medicine? We're not referring here to implementation science, the tricky business of getting new methods or protocols incorporated into clinical routine. We're talking about truths that haven't changed since Harvey's time—since before Harvey's time—and will still be relevant hundreds of years from now. The importance of connection with patients in moments of crisis and distress; the ability to live with uncertainty and failure; and the kindness that can turn an effective treatment into an experience of healing. What do you know and what matters to you most about medicine? Enter the Wakley Prize to tell us. The Lancet's annual Wakley Prize is awarded for the best essay on any topic of health importance and is open to anyone working in a health-related field—whether you're at the start, middle, or end of your career.

Essay writing, a tradition that goes back to that great essayist Michel de Montaigne, allows the writer to tell truths in unexpected ways and bring fresh perspectives to important ideas. The intimate form of an essay speaks to both our hearts and minds. The essay is both personal and reflective, open-ended and provocative. So take some time away from the demands of your career and write an essay for the Wakley Prize that will inform, move, and entertain us. We expect beautiful writing, originality, and stimulating ideas that shed new light on medicine.

Essays of no more than 2000 words should be submitted via The Lancet's electronic submission system by Oct 23, 2017, with “Wakley Prize” selected as the publication type. Essays should not contain any information that might identify individual patients. Entries will be anonymised, and judged by the editors of The Lancet. The winner of The Lancet's Wakley Prize will receive £2000, and the essay will be published in The Lancet and feature in our podcast. We will only accept one submission per author. Science advances, practice changes, yet clinical truths endure. Tell us yours.

You may visit the contest webpage here


Thomas Wakley (1795–1862), founding editor of The Lancet

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