28 Mar 2017

Dear Aspiring Freelance Writers...


What challenge for?

The challenge is intentionally crafted for you aspiring freelance writer who for a long has waited a mentor to hold your hand and show you the secrets to a successful writing career. Surely, writing is vast, it depends on which field of writing you want to commit yourself. In ten (10) days, despite your interest in whatever specialty of writing I will train you how to be an efficient and effective writer. I will show you how people get booked to write and earn a living.

We call these freelance writers.

It's not fluke, I'm speaking from experience and practical point of view. In the past two years I secured a job as a freelance writer at County Media Group, the publisher of The County Times, a Kenyan Newspaper published since 2011. To be honest, these guys pay me big! Luckily for my lazy ass, just a year later I started to write to Media Blackberry, the publisher of The African Bulletin, the first African newspaper to be published in the Netherlands since 2002. Again, these guys are awesome. What a blessing to earn from doing something that you love and something you can keep doing it on daily basis!

I'm not saying all these to brag you, before securing the above jobs as a freelance writer, I was simply an ordinary writer, more than you think you are I guess. I started out my writing journey by participating in essay writing competitions, I won some and lost many and the beauty of all that was experience. Most aspiring writers I shared hectic moments with ended up in the mid of the journey. I'm here today not because I write well than they do but simply because I decided to give it all, my passion, energy and spirit. My confession is, the journey at the beginning wasn't easy, I passed through the difficulties that broke my heart and at one point I was about to quit without knowing how interesting the journey ahead is.

I realized writing to be a call from my mother's womb! This is what made me take the pen and keep twisting it to date. I have promised the real writer within me that I'll keep the pen twisting to the last breath of my life. And it takes me back 15 years ago, when I used to summarize Television news on a paper. Thanks to my aunt for her principles that nurtured me into whatever little difference I can make.

I do not write to get celebrated, applauded, accolades or fame. I know all these will come later to honor the hard work and the sacrifice every writer puts forth. I started MY WRITERS BUREAU more than a year ago. I'm glad on august, this year, my writing empire turns 2 years old. I started it out as a hobby and now it's empowering thousands of writers in the internet but surely if I could take you back to see how I began, you'll laugh at me. Anyway, we must always start small and dream big.

Thanks to MY WRITERS BUREAU for all the opportunities it has brought to me since the start of this journey. This is what I've been telling a number of bloggers here in Tanzania that if you treat your talent like your profession, people will respect you, publishers will take you serious and you will start receiving invitations to speak and change the lives of others.

I've never and will never let this talent die and decompose in me. I want to see many people writing, I want to produce more writers in Tanzania and beyond than we ever imagined, much like Nigeria. I started out with a person to person coaching, in less than a year, I had already trained more than five hundred (500) upcoming writers, my target is to train and produce more writers, my target is 50000! even more and I believe I can. That is the reason I have crafted this challenge, for ten (10) days, I will train you, for FREE, I won't taken even a single coin from you. All that I want is to make you a better writer who writes well like and even more than I do. All you need is to sign up for this CHALLENGE and take it serious. You are a writer, you need to say that in your heart.

Any concern? Let me hear it in the comments below!

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