How to Arrange Your Self-development Plan and figure out where to reach in your Life

How to Arrange Your Self-development Plan and figure out where to reach in your Life
25 Mar 2017

Howdy! New here? welcome. If not new, I'm happy to have you again. Today I'm writing about personal planning since I have noted very few of us especially teenagers plan their life one year ahead. Simple question before we get into the business; How many books have you planed to read this year? Keep the answer! Friend, your insights will multiply only if you update yourself with new ideas on daily basis and develop critical thinking abilities.
let me tell you; the worst plan you can make in your life is to have no plan. That's what makes us mediocre. At times we are swallowed by mass views. In such occasion you need to remember you are the one responsible for your life. Develop a better you, this plan should drive you forward. start afresh everyday, every chance is a new beginning and it's you who have that key, donot allow anything or anyone to take it from you.

Today, plan where you want to go from where you are in life. If you can't take the next step there will never be next step. It is like a rubber band, once stretched it returns to its original dimensions. You will return to your original ideas and habits if you don't decide today.

Our minds control most functions of our bodies. But we need to control our minds. One you take command of your mind you will start using the talents and skills in you. You will actually change the natural tendency of our minds to be closed and rigid. Once you communicate with your open mind you will start seeing things and develop and continually re-develop plans for personal   growth. Failure to do so, you will get pulled back to dwell in your comfort zone. You will get back at questioning your capabilities in whatever you dream to accomplish. 

You can always develop your plan to move forward by exploring critical thinking resources readily available in the internet (we live in the information age and nearly every information is at our finger tips)

Commit yourself to read /learn a new idea everyday (or every week it you are workaholic)

Keep exploring ideas in books (These are the best weapons, not bullets any more!) 

Set time every day for self meditation, it should be a moment of peace and quietness, be willing to grow your mind. 


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