How to Develop Your Self into a Skilled Independent Thinker and become a World Citizen 

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Good Day, Good People!!!

Today, I write about developing yourself as a skilled independent thinker. I want you to not mindlessly follow the crowd. Believe in what makes sense and reject that doesn’t. Think and figure out for yourself. I know it’s difficult since a human being is a social being but never fall into the social rules created by an unthinking mass.

 Living in this world entails conforming into a variety of human groups. We at certain point find indulging ourselves into groups before we are aware of ourselves as living beings. In that doing we fall into a trap; since each group has its own social definition and set of rules that guide all the members. Social groups make us submissive, impose to us a state of acceptance and at times this acceptance may be uncritical. 

Follow me carefully,

 I am not saying group membership is disadvantageous, no, there are advantages but these advantages come with a price. Unethical humans we see today come from these groups which impose rules to control humanity. Take this example; suppose you want to legally belong to no nation, to be a citizen of no country but a citizen of the world, no one will give you such freedom, never. You’ll find yourself lacking freedom, no place to live or travel, places in this world are claimed by people, are claimed by groups and that’s the reason Elon Musk thinks of making life multiplanetary, remember of space tourism, the future branch of tourism, remember of people who want to go to live on Mars and never come back. On the planet earth people with a bit of freedom are those possessing “a passport”, may be.

Social groups have changed this world; they have set hundreds of thousands of laws. The bad thing is; we humans conform to social groups without recognizing our conformity. We do what groups anticipate us to do without reasoning and without having a sense that we’ll at some point be questioned. Conformity is one of evils in human society. Why? Because what’s right to you isn’t necessarily right to me. This is a secret to injustices we see in the world.

Take an example of people in prisons, there are the ones who protest wars and speak out against unethical practices of world governments. They are in prisons simply because of our conformity to group rules. 

Consider of rules governing your life especially those shocking and disgusting ones. How many people have suffered because of such rules that come and go for years? Are such people’s deeds hurt you? May be not. 

Consider about the good and bad behaviors depicted in TV programs and movies, how police men catch bad people in possession of illegal drugs, considering themselves good, catching and locking up bad people. How about countries in which the so called illegal drugs are legal? Are humans in this world equally treated? We have let the rules torture us. Do you cheer the good guys? In fact, in this world, sufferings are often caused by the official “good guys” than the bad guys. 

Look how many times you uncritically conform to group decisions? Can’t you think independently? 

Make a list of problems caused by mass decisions. How do you contribute to such problems? 

Imagine yourself living in various cultures. What beliefs will you hold? How will you behave? Will you be a different person compared to who you are currently? 

Notice every moment you are swallowed with groups you belong simply because their rules reign at the moment. Realize that independent thinkers prefer to be alone, rather than joining the groups because you have no choice. Know that, you can always join one free community in this world, the community of independent thinkers, found in the writings that have ever been written. Writers are independent thinkers; are the great thinkers you can always meet through books in libraries. 

Enough for today, let me take a rest, I AM AN INDEPENDENT THINKER.

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