How to Develop Yourself as a Fair Minded Thinker Without Being Selfish

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And today I'm talking about how you can develop yourself as a fair minded person without being selfish. I know it's difficult to identify your unfair behaviour. A human mind tends to hide whatever it doesn't want to see, you can imagine how is it hard to be fair to the people we dislike.

In schools, students look out for number one (I am not saying all 'A' students are selfish). The number 2 and number 3 people aren't given that attention. 

In childhood, siblings tend to be selfish to a last born as parents love him most 

You can notice human thinking is naturally "self serving". Selfishness is native, not learned though it can be discouraged or encouraged by one's decision. 

You don't need to cheat yourself to be a fair person, just learn to give significant attention to the desires, needs and rights of others. A fair mind considers itself equivalent to others. Learn to step outside your point of view and inside others points of views.

Here are steps to develop yourself as a fair minded thinker

  • Consider all human beings self centered. They look how the world and everything in it can serve them. By putting this idea in the forefront of your thinking, you will start getting command of your selfishness and self centeredness tendencies. 
  • Catch yourself whenever you fail to consider others points of views. Work to take command of it. It is only exceptional people can recognize this tendency in themselves. 
  • Notice when and how you become selfish, be it to your spouse, children, parents or friends. See how these people are affected by such behaviour and consider how to avoid similar situation in the future.
  • Think about issues that have multiple points of view. You will always tend to favour yours, force your mind to consider others points of views relevant. That way;  you will represent your views accurately, rather than in a distorted way. 

Here are questions to ask yourself to foster your fairness in thinking

  • Am I being fair in my life?
  • Am I putting my desires ahead of others? 
  • Do I ignore or violate others?
  • How often do I put my self in others shoes?
  • How many times do I have a selfish interest to not see the truth in a particular situation? 

    Fair mindedness is a personal characteristic worth pursuing


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