THE BLOGGING GEEK; Ultimate Guide “How To Make Blogging Your Career”

THE BLOGGING GEEK; Ultimate Guide “How To Make Blogging Your Career”
29 Dec 2016
“I used to” and some folks still think blogging isn’t a profession. The secret is; if you want blogging to be your career start treating it like your career and here is your LUCKY PILLYou need to start blogging!

Here are the some strong reasons, why you need to;

1) Improve Your Writing Craft;

Writing proficiency comes with regular practice and starting a blog helps you write regularly.

2) Influence others and become a better person;

Blogging strengthens creative muscles. It helps one to think critically and communicate his/her mind.

3) Make your voice heard and build an audience;

Not only powerful politicians or affluent businessmen can air their views. Gone are those days. This time, you too, can!

4) Publish Books;

Nowadays, smart authors own blogs, build a trusted audience and publish books

5) Make a Difference;

You want to teach people about financial education? Start your own blog. You wish to see youth are empowered with entrepreneurship skills? Why not blog about that? You wish to see people living healthier lifestyles? Start a blog and touch lives beyond knowledge

6) Land more clients and sell your products and services;

The number one website in the world is Google. It records over 2 billion searches daily and makes millions of dollars every day. How? By selling. What does Google sell? Adverts space!

7) Make money;

Money blogging is real. Would you like to earn money from your passion? If yes, start a blog!

8) Land speaking engagements;

There are thousands speakers. May be you too are! but no one feels your message. The reason is impactful speakers own platforms

In this internet era you can choose to be whoever you want to become. Go on, and be it.

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