5 Things That Can Boost Your Inspiration for Writing

5 Things That Can Boost Your Inspiration for Writing
14 Oct 2016

1) Meditation

Can't you find ideas to write? Chilax and think about nothing. This is the moment when inspiration may come and new ideas may unexpectedly arise!

2) Freewriting;

I taught this on my book "Fire Up Your Writing Series". Can you take 15 minutes to write whatever comes from your mind? Write as you talk, without thinking or pausing. After you finish have a look on your piece and see where to add efforts!

3) Be a Good Listener;

Good listener are good synthesizers of information. You may listen to a friend's advice or help, a friend who isn't a writer. What he/she delivers may spark an inspirational idea for you to write about! 

4) Laughing; Ever heard of Laughter Therapy?:D Laughter stimulates positive moods that promotes your creativity!

5) Spend time outdoors;

Whether at beach, on the riverside or a walk through the forest. Learn to spend time with nature. It's a guaranteed way to find scenarios to write about! 

Go on practice these 5 things and see your progress. How do you find the inspiration for writing? Share in the comments below. 

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