UNIDO’s 50th Anniversary Research Paper Competition

UNIDO’s 50th Anniversary Research Paper Competition
11 Sep 2016

Target Group: People worldwide born between 1986 and 1993
Deadline for submission: 15 October 2016, by 00:00 CET (GMT+1)​
UNIDO’s 50th Anniversary Research Paper Competition is open to young people around the world (born between 1986 and 1993), who are interested in addressing the role of industry 4.0 in achieving a sustainable future.

The competition is organized by UNIDO, the UN specialized agency that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability, together with AIESEC, the global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.
Contestants are required to submit a research paper addressing the role of industry 4.0 in the context of the 2030 agenda, as well as an abstract of up to 300 words summarizing the argument. The research paper should address the following question:
“What is the role of industry 4.0 in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 9 and the 2030 Agenda?”
Format: between 1,500 to 2,000 words – Times New Roman size 12 – 1.5 spacing – PDF version + an abstract of up to 300 words summarizing the argument.

The winners of the best research papers will be rewarded with:
•  A UNIDO certificate

•  A grant

•  A round-trip from home country to the UNIDO Headquarters in Vienna, Austria

 •  Accommodation and health insurance in Vienna (from the 20th November to the 26th November 2016)

Steps for the Research Paper Competition:
(1)  Please be sure you read, fully comprehend, and are able to adhere to the pre-and-post selection requirements stated in the research paper competition flyer  (remember: this competition is for young people born between 1986-1993)

(2)  Download and complete the Application form double check that you have included the abstract)

(3)  Research, brainstorm, be creative and, above all, have fun (but be sure that you have fully answered the question)

(4)  Submit your:

    •  Completed application form (including your abstract)

    •  Research Paper in the correct format 

    •  Scanned copy of your passport and research essay in the right format

    •  CV

* All documents must be sent in one email to [email protected]  by 15 October 2016 00:00 CET (GMT+1).

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