2016 International Science Essay Competition For High School Students

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Welcome to the 2016 International Science and Essay Contest! This contest is open to any student in grades 9-12 interested in science and writing.


This year’s prompt: From atoms to organisms, from the biosphere to the entire universe, math and science can be found at every size. Describe a natural phenomenon, technological advancement, or scientific discovery by its microscopic and macroscopic features. Draw from various scientific disciplines to explain your topic, and identify how the fields interact with each other to produce a comprehensive model of a complex system.


Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science


Three winners will be published in our Spring 2016 issue and receive a free copy of the issue.

In addition, cash prizes are awarded:

First-place: $500

Second-place: $250

Third-place: $100


Oct 5, 2016


Submissions will be accepted between May 14, 2016 and Oct 5, 2016.

A complete submission consists of:

An essay between 1500-2000 words with references in APA format. Essays should present a relatively deep knowledge on the subject they discuss, conveyed in a way that can be understood by the general public.

A completed submission form, submitted as a .pdf, with a signed endorsement by a sponsoring teacher.

All submissions must be in .doc or .docx format.

Judging will be completed by members of the Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science.

Scores will be decided based on 4 criteria:

Understanding of STEM topic

Writing style and quality


Use of reputable sources

Each essay will be scored twice

First round: 1 judge, style and understanding emphasized

Second round: 3 judges, all factors equally important

Each participant is limited to 1 entry.

Submissions should emailed to dujs@dartmouth.edu

Do NOT mail in submissions

Label your essay: LastName_FirstName_Topic_ISEC

Label your submission form: LastName_FirstName_ISEC


Questions? Contact us at dujs@dartmouth.edu


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