Fire Up Your Writing Series 

Fire Up Your Writing Series 
01 May 2016

Fire Up Your Writing Series 


The precious opportunity is here; What do you think about  starting on the path to a new career ? sounds exciting, doesn’t it ? Well, that’s exactly what you will be doing if you download and the read the free copy of Fire Up Your Writing Series. For years now i have been helping people realise their ambitions to become established writers and you can become one of them with  the little expert help i have.

New opportunity! New beginning!

It’s so easy to make this your opportunity for a publishing success. All you need to do is to download this series. Did i say for free ? Ofcourse! Once you’re enrolled with my help and your hard work, you could soon be on your way to calling your self a published writer.

Keeping resolutions!

We all make resolutions and let’s be honest most of us break them pretty quickly too! In fact about 80% of people fail. But that also means there is a 20% success rate and a key factor in keeping resolutions is to surround yourself with others who are trying to achieve the same goal. That’s why i self published my first ebook Murdering Your Writing Fears Get it for free by clicking the link. You’ll find plenty of support to become a published writer, combine that with this free series and the support you will receive from me. So i advice that; You strike while the iron is hot and grab your copy.

Author; Julius P. Kessy

Creative Director, My Writers Bureau | Blogger, BloggersCoach | Newspaper Columnist, The County Times Kenya | Writing Contests Judge, CreativeConnekt | One of Tanzania Bureau of Standards finest Writers
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Julius Peter Kessy

Founder and Editor in Chief at My Writers Bureau
Hey there, dreamer! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Julius, but some call me "The Pen Wiz". I like writing well and helping others do the same. I'm also a Medical Doctor by profession and I own a content marketing business at My Writers Bureau and help businesses use content to drive positive results. Feel free to leave a comment. I'll be happy to reply to you. If you’d like to get in touch, just follow me and say hello through any of my social links.
Julius Peter Kessy
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