Open The Door; A poem by Mecky Onditi

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Open The Door
Author; Mecky Onditi

Knock knock knock…
Knock knock knock…

Behold I stand at the door
Outside your heart on the corridor
Knocking on your locked door
Wanting you to open your door
And let me come in, but you say

Please don’t knock the door
Because you are disturbing my freedom
To do what I want whenever I want
To go and eat and drink whatever I want

Can’t you see…

That this is not the life I intended for you

For me….!!
And what life did you intend for me
One where I would follow you around all day long
Bounded every corner by your laws
Which totally deny my freedom

Well, you call it freedom
But I call it prison
And I can see you are down to level four

I am the one who can give you total freedom
You just have to trust me for I am the infinite one
I know all and I see all
The end from the beginning, which you can’t by the way

Open the door and let me in
And I will work to set you free

Whoa whoa whoa..
Hold on a minute
You say I am not free
And that am in prison
But why then am I enjoying
The food, the wine, the music
No laws, no boundaries..
How is that prison..
I think you can just stay outside
Not now am I ready for you to come inside

It is not that I don’t love you
But the world is fun too
Numerous sports and games
Movies that make you tame

With food and drinks of every kind
Tasty and delicious on the tongue
The burgers, the pizzas, the wine
The steak, the meatballs, the sodas in the can
Found on the way down to subway
The chicken and the chips
Deliciously prepared by KFC

You call that food
I gave you food
Good, nutritious and enriching food
That your forefathers ate in the garden of Eden
And became strong in mind, body and character
Not the junk that you call food
Prepared with oil and chemicals that weakens you
From head to toe and in the mind too
Sending your character sloping down into a pool
Of sins which I alone can get you out


With the riddles…

You call them riddles just because your mind is crippled
Change your food and you won’t die
From obesity, diabetes and heart attack
Go back to Eden
And restore your body to full capacity

Very well, I think you’ve made your point
But still there is still some other thing I wanna point
To show that the world is amusing
Contrary to your viewpoint

Have you heard the music../ The music that is played

Aagh..!! not the music..
It is horrible and makes me wanna spit
Filled with kicks of unpleasant beats
Jazz, rock and R&Bs
Hip hop, reggae and jingles
To my ears are all full of noise

With lyrics that dishonor me
Consequently you they defile
Dragging you farther and farther away
From the only source of your one true help

What about the fashion
Of shoes, skirts and dresses
Hairstyles, wigs and tattoos
You gotta keep up with the fashion right
The jeans, the tops and the rings
The necklaces, the chains
The bikinis for the sandy beaches

Somewhere I do recall that I am called your bride
So let me put on my make up to look pretty as your bride
Beginning with the foundation layer
On my face, MAC I wear
With a little bit of eye shadowing
And a bit more of lip-sticking
Then some artificial eyelashes and some fake nails
I am ready to roll down to our wedding

You don’t understand
I was stripped off naked for your bikini
I took lashes for your eyelashes
I took nails for your fake nails
When I died to save you from the penalty of sin

Away with your fashion
For it destroys our communication
And sends our relationship into a death session

Let me come in and clothe you with my fashion
And you will never run out of fashion
Let me blend with your skin to enhance our passion and communication
So to save our dying passion

God, forgive me

God, forgive them

God, forgive us
For the ignorance and blindness
Due to the working of the evil one
Look upon us and guide us
Show us thy way
And teach us to obey

Let your will be done
So to make us one
With your only begotten son
Who died to save us from harm

We pray to thee, O eternal one
For you and us to be one
In the name of your Holy Son

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