Twisted Tax Tales Short Story Competition

Twisted Tax Tales Short Story Competition
19 Mar 2016


Success Tax Professionals is excited to announce our Twisted Tax Tales Short Story Competition. The stories will be put to you the public, for voting through Facebook. The winner will receive $10,000! Entries are open to everyone. The only catch is that in your story (maximum of 5000 words), one of the main characters must be an accountant.
We will be accepting entries between the 1st of March 2016 and the 30th of June 2016. So start writing your story and make sure to get your friends and family ready to vote for you.
The top 20 stories will go on to be published in a book called ‘Twisted Tax Tales’, in November/December 2016. Of these, 10 will be decided by public voting and another 10 by a committee.

Any story of your choice. The only catch is that in your story (maximum of 5000 words), one of the main characters must be an accountant.

Success Tax Professionals

The winner will receive $10,000

30th June, 2016.

Entries will be accepted from the 1st of March 2016 till the
Entries will go live for public viewing and voting on the 1st of May 2016 (submitting your story prior to May 1st will give you an advantage).
Voting will be allowed from the 1st of May till the 31st of July 2016 with winner being announced in the month of August 2016.
Your short story must involve an accountant as one of the main characters.
Entries will be limited to 5000 words.
Top 20 stories will be published in a book in December 2016 with 100% of profits going to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. The top 20 will be determined as the Top 10 by ‘likes’ and another 10 by a committee. No royalties on the book. Writers will receive recognition and be able to re-use the material.
Entries must use UK English spelling, be proof read and grammar checked, use single spacing after full stops (periods), and double quotation marks around speech to be eligible.
Only the first 100 entries that meet our conditions of entry will be published on and be eligible for the competition. Stories will be chosen at the discretion of Success Tax Professionals.
Enter your short story here

Please read the Conditions of entry

You can find information about how to contact us here

Comradejuliusofafrica-The Writers Bureau.

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