GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Essay Competition 2016

GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights Essay Competition 2016
15 Mar 2016


GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights has launched the GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Essay Competition to instill and encourage legal scholarship and research in Intellectual Property Rights among the students.
GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights was established in January 2016 with an aim to promote research, extension and training in the field of intellectual property righs of India.
Intellectual Property Rights and their related laws is still a developing field in the country, but its reach and importance simply cannot be ignored. Intellectual property now touches several types of industries and businesses, ranging from pharmaceutical industry to Bollywood, and not to forget, even small-time innovators.
With the aim and vision to incentivize innovative and cutting-edge academic research in the field of IPR Laws, and conducting various training and extension activities for creating more awareness in the field of IPR laws, GNLU has established Centre for Intellectual Property Rights.

Participants may choose one of the following themes for the essay:
1. Space Technology and IPR: Challenges, Issues and Remedies
2. Commercialization of Nanotechnology and Its Related IPR Issues and Remedies
3. Protection of Traditional Knowledge and IPR: Does India Need A Sui Generis Legislation?
4. Digital Libraries And Art Galleries and Its Relationship with IPR: Issues, Challenges and Alternatives and Solutions

GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights

1st Prize: cash prize of Rs. 20,000/- and a Certificate
2nd Prize: cash prize of Rs. 15,000/- and a Certificate
3rd Prize: cash prize of Rs. 10,000/- and a Certificate
Certificates of participation shall be issued to the top 10 essays.

May 15, 2016 by 11.59 p.m

» Any student pursuing five or three year LLB and/or Master of Law (LLM) programme is eligible to participate in the competition.
» Only one submission per author shall be entertained.
» Co-authorship by a maximum of 2 students is permitted.
» The essays must be submitted only in English.
» The essays should be the original work of the authors. Any kind of plagiarism will lead to disqualification.
» The essays should be accompanied a cover page/letter giving details of the authors such as name of the author, designation, name of the institute affiliated to, address and contact details.
» The essays published elsewhere or selected/ submitted for publication elsewhere shall be disqualified.
» The name(s) of the author(s) should not be mentioned anywhere within the essay.
» The word limit for the essay is 2000 – 3000 words, excluding footnotes. Endnotes are not permitted.
» The essays should be typed in: Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and Line Spacing 1.5.
» The footnotes must be typed in: Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and Line Spacing 1.
» The margins should be 1” or 2.54 cm on all sides.
» All text should be justified.
» Every citation must follow the Harvard Bluebook, 19th Edition.
» The essays must be sent by email to [email protected] with the subject ‘GNLU Essay
» Competition on Intellectual Property Rights, 2016’
» The body of the e-mail must specify the name(s) of the author(s).
» The essay may be attached in ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format.
» All essays must be accompanied by a cover page giving the following information:

1. Topic Chosen:
2. Title of the Essay:
3. Name(s) of the Author(s):
4. College/ Institute/ University of Author(s):
5. Programme Enrolled & Year of Study of Author(s):
6. E-mail address & Contact No. of Author(s):

» The last date for the submission of the essays is May 15, 2016 by 11.59 P.M.
» The winners shall be notified by email: [email protected]
» A Committee of Experts shall be constituted as a Jury, to select the winning entries. The decision of the Jury shall be final and binding.
» GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights possesses the right to reject entries which do not conform to the Guidelines for Submission.
» The Organizing Committee reserves the absolute rights to cancel, defer, or postpone indefinitely, the competition in the event of the accruing of any incident, natural or manmade.
» In case of any dispute, decision of the GNLU Centre for Intellectual Property Rights shall be final and binding.

Contact the following persons for any inquiry
1. Nidhi Buch
Faculty Convener and Director, GNLU Centre for IPR
Email: [email protected]
Hardik Parikh
Faculty Member, GNLU Centre for IPR
Email: [email protected]
Tania Sebastian
Faculty Member, GNLU Centre for IPR
Email: [email protected]

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