The Future of Africa Depends on Africans

The Future of Africa Depends on Africans
03 Mar 2016


Education is the weapon we can use to change the world not bullets; books not bullets can pave the way towards peace and prosperity. How Africans benefits from their native experts; we generate our experts from various field but we employ outsiders to run our economy; native experts are suffering of unemployment, when Africans could make a step to embrace their native experts fully? The quality of education system still a challenge, not supportive for a learner to exploit his environments; we are hiring foreigners  to work in mining areas, contractions like roads, buildings ;when this will end in Africa, still a riddle. Africa needs quality and inclusive education; we need to create a culture which value learning. Hence Africa needs serious investment in education system and making a lot of education reforms in terms of its orientation to generate our own experts to exploit and utilize resources sustainably to earn more country’s income.
Poverty, disease and ignorance are enemies of development in any country, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere said. See people are in shadow, covered by same umbrella suffering of these enemies; how could they get out of this umbrella? Still the riddle, the ones who have given power to lead us still embracing these enemies; corruption has been cancerous metastasizing in African countries, just see only few enjoy the national cake. They are keeping nation assets in pockets; whom one to listen the sharp cry of citizens who have been left as voters for politician interests.
It is so easy to break down and destroy. The heroes are those who make peace and build, said Nelson Mandela; the continent whose leaders come out with great promise and hope, at the end we are left suffering of hungers. Our fore leaders walked the long road to freedom; the road which was full of hills to climb, because of their spirit of fighting for independence they dare not linger until journey was ended. Let’s our leaders embrace our fore fathers spirit of fighting  to deal with our enemy suffering; set his people free and enjoy in their blessed  world’s resource rich continent. Africans need committed leader, which encourage innovation with creating ideas; a leader that inspires others to share in common vision, Sets a good example and support others.
Democracy is not healthy. Citizens voice have no power to influence decisions; leaders embraces their positions until they retire, then speak to the mass loudly ‘we are practicing democracy’, that’s the tragedy of Africa. The voice of sufferers is shouting; they dare not to listen. No security in homes and streets; sufferings still making headlines. The lowest citizen remains to be the lowest with desperate mind of being the highest; without democracy there cannot be peace.

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