Surprising Ways How Friends Influence Your Career

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Your friends also have great impacts in your life, what you become and how you become it. Some chose a career because they have friend (s) in that field and they want to be together, without finding out what their personal call is.
Whoever falls in this category is most likely going to end up living others people’s purpose and not his/ her own mission. You just don’t think if Mr A could succeed in his career, you could also go for it and be successful when you don’t have what it takes to succeed in it.
Life is so important and dynamic to the extent that you can’t just wake up and say you want to be this or that, it requires a 100 percent conviction and readiness to face and withstand every challenge that comes your way in pursuing your dream.
Copying your friend’s career without you having what it take to survive in it would only cripple your future.
Choosing a career requires searching your inner self, discovering yourself, knowing what that thing you possess is, that makes you unique and stand out.
What are those things that complement and complete your personality?
Wrongly choosing a career would always make you unrest and unfulfilled because you will have been doing what you ought not to do.
I have seen a commercial bus driver who related well with his passengers and play with them, it shows how happy he is about his job, how much passion he has for it and how much satisfaction he is deriving from taking people to their different destinations.
With this attitude he could continue doing it without getting tired of it and make a success out of it. If you are not happy with what you do, it is most likely you are never going to make it out of it, because your success depends solely on how happy you are doing what you do.
If your job makes you sad each time you think of it or whenever you wake up and you realise you are still working for that company or on that particular job, your success will be crippled with this feelings which points to you quitting that job very fast.
Remember you are responsible for whatever happens to you and to an extent your future. Change your story now, of course to a success story!!!

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