What Today’s Billionaires Can Teach Writers About Risk Taking

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Life is characterized with risks, your existence poses a big threat to your future and your life is worth taking every reasonable risk for to survive.

How much risk you can take is what defines you, it is what defines the rich and the poor. Those who know how to take risk and endure the pains that come from it are the most successful in life.
Risk taking made Aliko Dangote the richest man in Africa, Bill Gates is wealthy and famous today because he took a risk, and he did what no ordinary person wouldn’t do or even think of and that as since then put him in the spotlight.
Risk taking is the reason Lionel Messi won world best footballer award for four years consecutively, he at one time or the other, took a risk an average player wouldn’t have taken.
 In the same vein, Ronaldo has been taking risk to decide what to do at a critical time in a match which if missed, will cause his team great loss, but those risks have yielded results and made them victorious, that’s why he’s recognized in today’s football.
“For every successful person, he/she must have taken one risk or the other at a particular time”.
The major reason why you don’t want to take any risk is that you’re scared of failure; you keep asking yourself, what if I try then fail? What would people say about me if I didn’t make it? etc.
If you are the type that gives much concern to what people would say about you if you fail in the quest to fulfill your dream, you will be living below the standard of your “supposed” life because you will never want to try something new.
Remember failure is not a disease, but it is something to check mate you that something needs to be done rightly, so you can give it another approach. The trick is to be loyal to your mistakes, be consistent about the trials and you will surely pass the stage.
You don’t want to take up a challenge because you are scared; this is not going to bring you any good, because it keeps you retarded in an ever changing world.
Inferiority complex is another reason you don’t want to take risk, you keep thinking you are not matched with those you want to compete with. If you have this kind of mindset no matter how hard you try, it will be difficult to succeed, because you have failed to prepare your mind which is the first step for whatsoever you want to do.
Imagine if David had inferiority complex he would have been conquered in the battle against Goliath. He summoned his courage in preparing his mind that yes I can, he challenged Goliath despite his mighty, greatness and power and at the end David defeated him.
That’s the power of the right mindset towards any challenge, even if people discourage you, set up for yourself a traffic light, pick the green light and go for it! That’s the attitude of a winner!!!
Take risk today, side step your writing fear, keep writing till you get better and get it right.
Question: What are those things that are keeping you away from taking risk? Share it in the comment below.

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