The Future of Africa Depends on Africans

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A guest post

By; Ruchius Filbert


The dangerous toxic to Africa prosperity is not hunger, famine, and religion but because of lost leadership capacity, increased export of billions of tons from Africa to west is associated with myopic, selfish, non-progressive leaders who planted as crop of post-colonial empires; hence our duty as struggling citizens is to hold leaders accountable. We are not Africans because we are born in Africa; we are Africans because Africa is born in us. If we do not stop oppression when it is a seed, it will be very hard to stop when it is a tree. Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.  
The unskilled cannot direct the skilled, we should not select leader because he/she shouts the loudest but the one with insight to reach the nation vision. Corruption is not only about gambling over nation funds, it includes also putting bad people in higher positions of leadership; People with no visions or skills to perform a job. This form of corruption is a real force eating the Africa’s prosperity.
We need to create societies with norms that value learning. Investment in education is considered to be an essential component of economic policy. At any given level GDP per capita, countries with high level of education are in more advantageous situation than those with a low level of education. Investing in quality education among youth and promoting active participation of youth in politics is of crucial importance to foster significance success. A new world will be won not by those who stand at a distance with their arms folded, but by those who are in the arena.
The era of aid to Africa should come to end. Aid and easy credit loans is a drug circulating on sub-Saharan nations. We need leadership system with strategic plan of changing African nations into a self-sufficient and capable of harnessing its own God given resources. Many African’s functions based on fear and find it difficult to introduce initiatives that may bring progress. Africa should struggle for real credit, not from charity, not from begging. People can be fooled in two ways, first by believing what is not true and second by failing to believe which is the truth; people who think more that foreign aid is the solution to our lost economic growth should know that money either winds up in the hands of the elite and deposited in Swiss bank accounts or it is used to pay bribes to keep corrupt governments in power. Africans should get rid of beggar mentality. How would you develop a country when the dream of the majority of its youth and elites is not entrepreneurship, innovation, education and self-sufficiency, but the dream to have job with humanitarian Organization or to get their project financed by some international aid that is the tragedy of Africa.
A vote without food, shelter and quality health care would be to create the appearance of equality while actual inequality is entrenched ; without  democracy there cannot be piece, major key to better Africa future will lie on Africa’s mindset transformations allowing capitalism and market forces to be the slave of democracy and not the opposite. It is time for Africans to get out of dark moments they are suffering from; African leaders should develop independent minds able enough to see problems from all angles. No problem is so deep that it cannot be overcome, given the will of all parties, through discussions and negotiation rather than force and violence.

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