2015 Careif Mental Health Essay Prize Competition

2015 Careif Mental Health Essay Prize Competition
13 Dec 2015


Careif is an international mental health charity with a special focus on protecting and promoting the health and well-being of young people living in culturally diverse societies around the world. Each year, we have held a highly successful essay prize competition to encourage ‘state of the art’ essays on key mental health themes. These are published on our website and in the lay and academic press. The essays aim to bring together a wide range of disciplinary perspectives, integrating the academic research, theoretical, conceptual, and public health perspectives.
Population aging is a powerful and transforming demographic force. We are only just beginning to comprehend its impacts at the national and global levels. As we prepare for a new demographic reality.
You are invited to submit, in open competition, an original essay on ‘Ageing: the health, social and economic challenges of the 21st Century’ and to explore its demographic reality, cultural meaning, socio-economic context, and its association with the illnesses of old age.
The essay should include an incisive and synoptic literature review, focusing on improving knowledge about the ethno-aetiology of ageing together with clues to prepare health providers and societies to meet the specific needs of older populations. This could include training for health professionals on old-age care; preventing and managing age-associated chronic diseases; designing sustainable policies on long-term and palliative care; and developing age-friendly services and settings. An exploration of contrasts between low income and high income countries are of particular interest and are very welcome.


Ageing: The health, social, economic and cultural challenges of the 21st Century: a new demographic reality.


Careif is an international mental health charity

1st Prize £500
2nd Prize £300
3rd Prize £100

December 21, 2015


»The prize is open for all people, from any organisation and professional discipline that has engaged or interested with issues relating to ageing and older people.
»We expect prize applicants to have written the essays themselves, rather than have them prepared as part of a team. However, one essay application may be submitted by two co-authors where their respective roles are carefully set out. Prizes will be awarded by a panel of experts.
»Entries must be no more than 4000 words, excluding references.
»They should be referenced using the Harvard reference style, and submitted by email to essay15@careif.org by 21st December 2015.
»Applicants will be notified by 21st February 2016.
»Note that the judges reserve the right not to award a prize if none of the entries meet the required standards.
»Authors must include their full name, address, country, email, and occupation on the title page-but this must not be counted as part of the 4000-word submission.

For inquiries, please contact the organizers via any of the following means;
Tel: 020 7882 6118, Fax: 020 7882 5728, Email: enquiries@careif.org, Twitter: @careif


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