3 Simplest Ways To Make Readers Fall In Love With You.

3 Simplest Ways To Make Readers Fall In Love With You.
09 Dec 2015


It’s not a secret that when you focus intensely on the needs of your audience, they will become your committed, lifelong friends and fiercely loyal advocates for you.

It’s a core underpinning the success of most of the best selling authors on earth — if you earn loyalty, you’ll receive loyalty.

Here are three simple ways to make your readers fall in love madly with you! with what you write!

1. Writing provocative content is magnetic.
Flat, lifeless articles are a dime a dozen — and an incredibly outdated way of delivering content. When you sit down at the keyboard, write with the intent of stirring up emotions that’s what i’ve done in my book Murdering Your Writing Fears and provoking conversation. Take a stand — or at least talk about someone else who is — and call for your audience’s reactions. What they tell you will be fuel for future posts and articles.

2. Don’t neglect their shout.

If your readers are taking the time to constructively respond to your content, you need to do more than simply reply back. Take a look at what they write and imagine the logical progression of the conversation. Give your reply now, but tuck ideas away for follow-up posts/articles so your well will never run dry.

3. Go out and ask

The simplest solution to help win your readers is all you need to do is; send a survey to your readers or devote a post to a specific, relevant question where you promise to follow up on the answers you receive. Even a few responses can spark the creative fire you need; to write quickly and effectively — and you’ll know that the content you’re creating is exactly what your audience wants to hear.

Whoever listens is a hero!

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