How To Conquer Writer’s Dream:Plus My Awesome ebook

How To Conquer Writer’s Dream:Plus My Awesome ebook
07 Dec 2015


Centuries ago, if someone predicts that one day man would fly like a bird, do you think
people would believe him, or reason along with him. But today man not only flies like a bird
but lands on the moon. That’s power of dream and vision, coupled with determination,
persistence, patience, perseverance.
No matter how big your dream is, it can be achieved so long as you are determined to do so,
it all depends on you. Set your goals and how you will achieve them, seek advice where
necessary from experienced people who you share the same dream with. Don’t just be a
dreamer, dream, go for it, live it and make it a reality.
“Your Writing Will Get Better Only when You Agree That It is Your Dream to Write”.
Now you want to start living your dream, the first step is to start writing and keep writing.
There is great wisdom in your pen and paper, use it wisely and effectively.
1) Pick a topic you want to write about
2) Do enough research about it.
3) Gather specific data
4) Do enough Brainstorming
5) Highlight your major points of discussion and start developing them one after the other.
6) After you have finished writing, read what you have written to correct errors and have
your friend, family or even a total stranger proofread it for you, and it’s done!!!

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Julius Peter Kessy

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Julius Peter Kessy
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