The 5 Practical Thoughts Your Mentor Won’t Tell You About Writing

The 5 Practical Thoughts Your Mentor Won’t Tell You About Writing
05 Dec 2015


You don’t have to be writing to be a writer.
If you don’t write for a day, you’re still a writer, obviously enough. And if you don’t write for a month or a year, you’re still a writer. Sometimes, life really is madly busy. Sometimes, a rest period might be just what your article/essay or blog  needs in order to flourish. If you can’t write much, or at all, right now, see it as a time for seeds to germinate. A time for ideas to strike. And keep a notebook handy. However if you want to make more time in your life to write, here are some practical thoughts;

1: Work on projects you really love.

If life is manic, you’ll find some time (even if it’s only a tiny bit here and there) for a story or blog post or poem that you’re truly keen to work on.

2: Make your writing environment as ideal as possible.

Use headphones to block out distractions. Get out of the room. Pad your chair with a cushion to make it more comfortable. Turn off your wifi. Whatever it takes to help you stay focused.

3: Find a single slot, once a week, when you can almost always write.

(If that’s not possible, shoot for whatever is.) I got this idea from a friend, and I love it. My slot, is Sunday evenings, 7.45 – 9.45pm.

4: Work with a timer running.

Set a timer: write till the time is up. Don’t check email or do the dishes or play games. Even if you think you can’t write in short bursts, give it a try. I got a surprising amount of blog posts written in a few 15-minutes

5: Inspiration and motivation matter. They make your writing better. On your best days, they make writing almost effortless – and irresistible. In a writer’s life, though, they’re two different forces with different roles to play.

Inspiration is about ideas. You might feel inspired by a line of poetry or a blog post or an article in the newspaper: it sparks off an idea for a short story or blog post or article.

Motivation is about drive. It’s the urge to sit down and write, or to carry on writing when you’re half-way through the chapter or blog post you want to finish.

Inspiration can happen in a moment: motivation’s something that lasts longer.

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