My advice; Be fast in writing

My advice; Be fast in writing
25 Nov 2015

We all agreed that writing is a daunting task. Putting ideas on paper is very tasking and demanding. And many times you may even want to write but you find it so difficult to know what to write on.
You might even know what to write about, but yet you always write at a slow pace.
You don’t have to start bothering yourself on what to write all the time, and you don’t write and edit at the same time, this will also affect your writing speed, all you need to do is pick up your pen and start writing.
Many a times you don’t have to have lists of what you want to write about or prepare a table of contents, all you need to do is start with any word and I bet you, when you devote your inner self to it, before you know it you would have written pages.
Then later you can now modify, edit and give it a suitable topic. This I have done several times and it is really working for me. If you are doing this, your productivity will increase and with this, you wouldn’t get bored and tired out of what to write.
Try this style out and you will see that it works like magic.
You have to note that writing a book, it’s a bit different, it requires a proper research as you are writing on a chosen topic because you wouldn’t want to pass a wrong message to your readers, so for this reason you need a lot of brainstorming, enough reading, write out your table of contents and then start writing.
However, since writing is an expression of one’s feeling, you don’t have to cautious at first, you can write out your feelings in that piece of paper or share your opinion with people.
As you don’t need any research to share your experience with people. You don’t also have to wait till you read before you can write, but as a writer you also need to equip yourself with enough reading so you can be good at what you do.
Questions: What are those things you do that increase the pace at which you write? Please share it in the comment below


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