Active writing not loud words

Active writing not loud words
25 Nov 2015

“Write actionable copy”,

“Be active in your words” and

“Don’t use lazy words in your pieces”

These are beautiful pieces of advice for writers and I’m sure you’ve heard them before or even used them before pertaining the type of words you use when writing.

Your words must be motivating, inspiring, captivating, engaging and resonating with your audience.
The issue today is that I have some itches in the application of those pieces of advice.

Active words have limits

Yes, it is true they make our pieces actionable and engaging but (mind this) they must be limited or they can become overly loud and thus turn out to be irritating to your reader. Some even deviate the reader’s attention from the real point of the piece thus defeating the purpose of writing the piece.

Let me show you some examples:

Study Passion is the best eBook on study zeal re-ignition. You must get it! (is it by force that one must read it?)
When writing short stories, you must use the first person point of view (is it a prerequisite?)
As you can see from these two examples, the statements are quite active and seemingly actionable but they pick at the reader’s emotion too much (note this). They make it look like the reader must take their advice. They make the reader look like some little child who must do as they say!

What do you do about loud words?

Place a ban on them from coming into your writing by constantly checking your pieces for any hyperactive or overly commanding words/sentences.

Your writing will still retain the values you cherish such as quality content, actionable copy and great flow (transition). Just avoid using loud words!


Using actionable, superfluous, qualitative and emotionally motivating words in your writing gets you the audience to yield to your call to action!

So what’s next?

Take up a piece you wrote some time ago and rewrite it crossing all the loud words, replacing or blotting them leaving it active but emotionally sound. Tell us how it now looks (after the rewrite) by leaving a comment.


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