THE STORY THE CHOICE-A poem by Mecky Onditi,a Tanzanian writer

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The Story, The Choice
Author; Mecky Onditi
He was a King back in the day,
With mansions and precious stones at his stay,
Gardens and fountains all around and,
Trees filled with silvery and golden fruits..
With worshipers everywhere bowing down at any time of day,
And peace prevailed throughout the day with no sway until,

Lucifer, the greatest of the angels rose with envy and pride towards the Son of God,
With a heart filled with jealousy he arose,
To deceive his fellow angels and to break the peace that prevailed above..

And war broke out in heaven just because of selfish gain,
Lucifer, wanting to be like the son
Was badly defeated and wounded with his pride he was cast down to the earth of men..
Enraged, he decided to deal with the being that God had created,
And these were too weak to resist the temptations of the created/fallen/rogue
And thus became tempted and fell into the tempters attempt,
Bringing sin, suffering and chaos to a world full of peace, joy and balance..

Satan, as he is known by now,
The originator and father of lies and murder,
A mastermind of deceit causing men and women to be slaves of sin and followers of his sinful ways..
Drunk with his wine they are blinded and corrupted in their minds,
Filled with a passion for blood and money they fornicate and forget who their maker is..
Immersed in their sinful desires they are enslaved and held captive like birds in cages,
With their master void of rage he laughs when he looks at how blind and lustful they’ve become..

Back in heaven, sad faces and sorrowful hearts fill the air
As they watch how the gap between heaven and earth, God and man widens
With no bridge to connect the two until,

Jesus, the son of God himself, can’t take it anymore,
Then he leaves his mighty kingdom and all,
And descends down to this sinful world and furthermore
Just to bridge the gap,
He is beaten, he is spat on and if that’s not enough he is nailed to the cross with arms open wide with love he calls for you, saying..

Come, ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest..
He goes on to say,
I will free you indeed,
Free from the slavery of sin..
Believe and have faith in me he pleads,
For with so much love, he, the only begotten of God,
Came to die for you..

With a promise of eternal life,
Full of peace and joy,
Free from sin, suffering and pain,
He asks you today,
To make a choice of the master you plan to obey….

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