Meet Mr. Ansgar Haule – A Tanzanian story writer

Meet Mr. Ansgar Haule – A Tanzanian story writer
14 Nov 2015

I remember him contacting me via facebook. He then took my numbers and checked me privately for extensive discussion. I’m satisfied with his quality of commitment in writing, that’s the reason to feature him and infact starting working close with him to promote his works. You can bet, we need to stay in touch to witness the goodies out of this young man


Ansgar Haule is the Tanzanian social activist.He completed his bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at St.Augustine University of Tanzania (Mwanza).Before his University studies, Ansgar passed at Matogoro primary school then Stella matutina Seminary and later Kasita Seminary.He is the author of stories books based on social values and protections. Also He is the writer of Radio drama related to social values and protections. Ansgar has already produced a story for radio drama called “Hisia Chafu” which was aired at Radio SAUT Mwanza.In addition to writing stories books and radio drama; He enjoys drawing pictures and writing creatively as a hobby. He currently resides in Songea Tanzania and is now working on his first book of story. You can reach him at  h.ansg[email protected]  or Facebook  Ansgar Haule.

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