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Are you an engineering student and you have been looking for the smart engineering content on telecommunications? No worries! Here are 15 ebooks that you’ve been looking for.
Enjoy reading! Please download them in the links below


1. Introduction to queueing theory and stochastic teletraffic models 

Author/s: Moshe Zukerman
Publisher: City University of Hong Kong, 2012
This book aims to bestow the basic knowledge of stochastic models which are applied on the telecommunications research areas. These study areas which are also referred as teletraffic includes, traffic modelling, traffic management and resource provisioning. 


2. Ultra-Wideband Radio Technologies for Communications, Localization and Sensor Applications

Author/s: Reiner Thoma, et al.
Publisher: InTech, 2013
UWB or the Ultra-Wideband Radio represents a new radio-access philosophy which exploiting vast GHz of bandwidth. It helps in processing communication with high data rate over short distances and it promises innovative radar sensing plus localization applications.


3. Advancement in Microstrip Antennas with Recent Applications

Author/s: Ahmed Kishk
Publisher: InTech, 2013
The text talks about the basic and advanced level concepts of microstrip antennas. These concepts includes the design procedure and their recent applications. The book covers discussion of arrays,  optimization, spectral domain, multiband, dual and circular polarization, et al.


4. Optical Communication

Author/s: Narottam Das (ed.)
Publisher: InTech, 2012
The book aims to cover the concepts of optical communication, components, networks, systems, MIMO systems and signal processing. It also discusses the optical components and various other enhanced signal processing functions.


5. Communication Networks

Author/s: Anish Arkatkar, et al.
Publisher: Wikibooks, 2012
This book on electrical communications networks talks about everything from analog, digital, to hybrid networks as well as both broadcast and bi-directional data networks. The focus of the book is upon existing technology instead of too much theory.


6. Advances in Cognitive Radio Systems

Author/s: Cheng-Xiang Wang, Joseph Mitola III (ed.)
Publisher: InTech, 2012
The book covers various topics of cognitive radio system including the Cognitive Media Access Control; Adaptation from Transmission Security to Cognitive Radio Communication; Measurement and Statistics of Spectrum Occupancy; Wideband Voltage Controlled Oscillators for Cognitive Radio Systems; et al.


7. Principles of Digital Communications

Author/s: Tuan Do-Hong
Publisher: Connexions, 2007
This book by Tuan Do-Hung identifies various elements in the theory and practice of digital communications. It studies how channel impairments effects the performance of communication systems together with introducing signal processing, coding and modulation.


8. A Foundation in Digital Communication

Author/s: Amos Lapidoth
Publisher: Cambridge University Press, 2009
This book presents a intuitive yet in-depth introduction to the core results of digital communication from first principles. The book states all the key results together with the required assumptions.


9. Telecommunications Networks: Current Status and Future Trends

Author/s: Jesus Hamilton Ortiz
Publisher: InTech, 2012
The book is a reader’s guide through basics of the fast growing networks to its advanced levels and concepts. It also explains the future expectations from the Telecommunications Networks. The book helps the reader in identifying and examining the most pressing research issues in Telecommunications.


10. Global Navigation Satellite Systems: Signal, Theory and Applications

Author/s: Shuanggen Jin
Publisher: InTech, 2012
The book is devoted to recent results and developments in GNSS theory, system, signal, receiver, method, and errors sources, such as multipath effects and atmospheric delays. It also discusses various GNSS applications which are demonstrated and evaluated.

11. Communication Systems

Author/s: Janko Calic
Publisher: Connexions, 2009
A more advanced communications course covering elements of modern digital communications. Contents: Signals; Systems; Time Domain Analysis of Continuous Time Systems; Frequency Domain; Continuous Time Fourier Transform; Sampling theory; et al.


12. Communication Systems

Publisher: Wikibooks, 2011
This book covers a large number of topics in the field of electrical communications. It discusses topics of analog communication schemes, computer programming, network architectures, information infrastructures, communications circuit analysis, etc.

13. Ultra Wideband Communications: Novel Trends – System, Architecture and Implementation

Author/s: Mohammad Matin
Publisher: InTech, 2011
This book has addressed few challenges to ensure the success of UWB technologies and covers several research areas including UWB low cost transceiver, low noise amplifier (LNA), ADC architectures, UWB filter, and high power UWB amplifiers.

14. Advances in Satellite Communications

Author/s: Masoumeh Karimi, Yuri Labrador
Publisher: InTech, 2011
This book inspects through various aspects of Satellite Communications: Antenna design, Real Time applications, Quality of Service (QoS), Atmospheric effects, Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Networks, Sensor Networks and High Capacity Satellite Links.


15. Cellular Networks: Positioning, Performance Analysis, Reliability

Author/s: Agassi Melikov
Publisher: InTech, 2011
The development, implementation and operation of wireless cellular networks require engineers to address a number of interrelated problems. This book will be useful to researches and post-graduate students in telecommunication specialties.


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