The Fountain 2015 Essay Contest On The Defining Theme of Our Age

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Throughout human history, different periods have been captured by a defining theme: the Dark Ages… the Industrial Age… the Nuclear Age… the Information Age… the Space Age, etc.
What do you think the theme of the 21st century will be?
The age of connections? Rebirth of faith? Clash of civilizations? Age of the internet? Rise of fundamentalism? Interstellar travel? Gender equality? Human trafficking? WW III? Artificial intelligence? Genetics? Cooperation? Competition? Spiritual revolution? Secularism? Values? Ethics? …
One may feel it is too early to determine the theme of what is still a new century. Yet, we believe it can prove useful to project the future and to be prepared for the coming days. Maybe, with enough preparation, it’s even possible to change the course of history before it’s too late!
So, look around and gaze into the horizon. Travel to the future and bring back some news.
How do you think history will record the 21st century?
You may include as many topics as you think are relevant; the possibilities seem endless.
The Fountain


1st Place – $1,500
2nd Place – $750
3rd Place – $300
Two Honorable Mentions – $200 each
November 30, 2015
Essays are expected to be factual, but with an inspirational style that will feed both our reason and soul.
Contest open to all writers worldwide
Essay word count must be between 1,500 and 2,500 words
Essays must be submitted here
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