12 Sep 2015

Hellow. I received this from a school mate via my facebook account. He told me ‘when i was young with poor English i wrote this’. It was his first piece i guess and promised to be writing and send to me. I’ve brought it for you to pass through it also. I didn’t edit anything for the sake of learning. Have a look.

It happens back then form our forefathers that life meant a lot to them which is undeniable fact that it is somehow meaningless to our present generation. It has seldom been observed that some people care about life, the pro-life. The value of life has been devastated for it has been unreal. We always witness by our own eyes the way abortion has been normality to most of our Mama and poor depended girls in our growing country. Is not it because we don’t need the unborn no-more, or rather is the world full hence no chance for them to live? If no then why do we keep dumping them in bins like the wasted? I think we should get back to the sense of morality for it is the fact that fatherhood is dead and paternity is well born. The parents never care of what they had reproduced thinking either they are less important or they’re needless therefore no life for them anymore. If at all they happen to be born they are left alone to be father and mother of themselves, the street children.
Moreover private and public institution have built orphanage for the strayed to stay behind an umbrella that they have no parents I don’t think if it is proper to acclaim they’re orphans while still their parents are there however for others it may be true ever since their parents are gone. This is serious especially in the developing countries. Meanwhile some of the people who take charge still they stand firm in monopolizing the little that is shared. This indicates irresponsibility and immaturity in our society.
For morality deals with the on-goings then we as the members of the societies we should not be abided with incidents that may once enhance the perishing of the coming generation. Let’s be an icon that may overcome all sorts of immoralities like the abortion, irresponsibility and    inhumane.
More efforts are needed by the members of the societies so as to dignify and show the essence of life. Neither should our cultural practices hinder nor does the modernity rather we should site a concrete eye to life by discouraging all notions that will be obstruct to our progressing life. By doing so our life will be harmonious with all that we need. The wellbeing of paternity/maternity should go hand in hand with father/motherhood respectively.
This will even correspond with the scriptures that comprehend the creation with its protection. We are all invited to be the supporters of life as whole and this will only be if and only if we all put our efforts and knowledge imparted to us to put off all necessities that may hinder life to proceed ahead. It is ME and YOU and not anybody else. Let’s unite together to make life on progress……

James Makinda
Giovani Merlin Formation House 2014

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