How Ojuelegba-Wiz kid’s song inspired my writing

How Ojuelegba-Wiz kid’s song inspired my writing
10 Sep 2015

In the song Wiz tells us about his sufferings/hustle in Ojuelegba a busy area in Lagos-Nigeria where every one strives for the means to survive being hopeful praying for blessings for better living. They are conscious dreamers like writers with unrealistic expectations. Staying positive and optimistic is a key to excell in the art of writing. In today’s Tanzania where over 10000 applicants strive for 70 job positions-hopeful you remember what happened in 2014. I perceive writing to be an alternative welcome. Though it’s only for passionate ones that’s why Wiz says answer me now; In Ojuelegba every one there know my story. We live twice the moment we hustle and in retrospect the same to Wiz when he thinks of all the hustles he has gone through he just wants to keep thanking the creator. As a writer there is always a reward for you.It can never follow you,you have to go and grab


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