I used the law of pure potentiality to improve my writing !!!

04 Sep 2015

In the begining there was neither exsistence nor non-exsistence. All this world was unmanifest energy. The one breathed without breathe by it’s own power and nothing else was there.
The source of all creation is pure consciousness, pure potentiality, what really writers do is seeking expression from the unmanifest to the manifest. Seeking expression from a blank paper to a paper with not only full of words but also mixed with their souls, breathe and passion. This is the essential law to success. It’s based on our essential state. It’s the field of all possibilities. You could wonder how one  sends 20 submissions per month in different paper competitions? How one sells millions of copies of his/her book in just a year? How an author writes over 100 different books?  It’s the field of infinite creativity that makes your paper the top among 1000+ submissions, that makes one becoming best selling author, that makes one to sell millions of copies while others ten thousands, thousands or even hundreds. Pure consciousness is our true selves. The pure joy of writing comes when you have an infinite silence, perfect balance, simplicity and so to speak a pure knowledge. People shouldn’t only read your work. They shouldn’t only feel that it rains but make them feel the state of being rained upon.

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Julius Peter Kessy

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Julius Peter Kessy
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