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Leading in Africa Vs leading in rest of the world. MY BELOVED ARTICLE









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Leadership is defined as the process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of the common goal. The word leadership can bring various images in our mindset but here we are concerned with political leader. For the political leadership to be effective need a person who can create an inspiring vision of the future, able to motivate and inspires people to engage with that vision, can deliver accordingly that vision and also can build the good team which is more focused and effective enough to achieve the targeted vision.

There is no doubt that when we came to natural resources, Africa is the world richest continent; millions of acres of untilled farmland, most of world’s diamonds and chromium, half percent of world’s gold and other different resources. Unfortunately Africa is defined as home of developing countries despite of those resources, African people are living life with full of suffering to which they do not deserve comparing with wealth of their continent. They are dying of preventable diseases(like Malaria, Cholera),live in unnecessary frustrations,hopelessness,actively pulled with poverty and bad enough other escape away from their continent to rest of world countries mainly European countries to gain appreciation and good living standard. Those crises are not due to war, hunger or famine but are tied with leadership functioning capacity.

I agree with the statement that leading in Africa is different from leading in rest of the word. From economic gap point of view between Africa and other rest of the world, leading in Africa you are ruling developing society while in other rest of the world leader is ruling developed society. In that case leading in Africa means you are exposed to different challenges quite differently from leading in rest of the world.

Africa socio-economic crisis: the economy of Africa consists of the agriculture, industry and trade. As of 2012, approximately 1.07 billion people were living in 54 different countries in Africa. Africa is natural resource-rich continent; unfortunately many African people are poor such that Africa is defined as world’s poorest inhabited continent. Leading in African countries expose a leader to natural resource rich area like farmland and minerals, demanding the great job of a leader to mobilize the resources efficiently to the point of raising the country’s income. Unlikely to rest of world like European countries to where there is advancement of economy i.e. industries with developed society. Hence leading in Africa demand a leader with strong visionaries, not opportunistic to nation resources, with passion of moving country’s economy into the favorable destination through proper management of natural resources to improve standard of living among the developing societies.

Overhang of debts: Africa debts burden presents the difference in terms of delivering the vision between the one who is leading in Africa and other leading rest of the world. Accumulation of foreign debt amongst African countries has posed the challenges to country’s economic growth processes and this brings the picture of hopeless to most of African countries. Leading in Africa need a leader with high ability to tackle numerous sociopolitical-economic problems to rescue country from bankrupt cutting across the whole continent. The debts are not only slowing economic growth and increasing poverty; it is fomenting political upheaval by forcing these nations to neglect social and economic development in order to make payment. Public service like health services, infrastructures are poor because of poor investments, this represent the Africa’s misery since Africa countries remains dependant on the outside world blocking the return of African countries’ to steady economic growth unlikely to other world areas like Latin America which are indebtness.

African demographic trend: leading in Africa you are ruling in continent of great demographic shift featured with speedy population growth. Increased age dependency ratio among sub-Saharan countries estimated as 84.27 in 2011 by World Bank indicating a low working group aged 15-65yrs, this affect the whole process of delivering a vision since small part of the population participate actively in economic activities with great government expenditure in supporting dependent population i.e. social security, health and education. Unlikely rest of world like Europe and central Asia with age dependency ratio of about 46.72 as reported by World Bank in 2012, utilize large expanse of available productive human resource to deliver a vision of rising nation income through full participation of huge working age group in various economic activities example industries.

Africa’s education system: approximately 43 million school aged children are outside the formal education system in sub- Saharan Africa and quality education still remains a major challenge among African countries. Leading in Africa you are exposed to continent where more than half of parents are not able to help their children with homework just because of illiteracy and those who are enrolled receive low quality education because of unfavorable environment with deficit of accessories. This contribute to much failures among African countries in exploitation of natural resources like minerals, gas rather hire experts from outside world to exploit resource for us and paying them back the great amount of money. Hence leading in Africa need serious investment in education system and making a lot of education reforms in terms of its orientation to generate our own experts to exploit and utilize resources sustainably to earn more country’s income unlikely to rest of world like in European countries with better investment in education and generating more practically skilled experts to run further their economy there by maintaining the circulation of money within their domain.

In conclusion, leading in Africa needs the strongest visionaries of managing the vast of available natural resources to better transform the economy of the developing societies differently with other world country which are already developed rather focusing of maintaining their country’s economy and improving it further. Nelson Mandela in World Hunger Day 18/March/1995 addressed that “For it is merely good logic but the reality of life that, in the end, society’s freedom from hunger, ignorance and disease is more often than not the dividing line between war and peace”. Leading Africa involves ruling people with many sufferings.

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